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Plants & Practices

Practices we adopt to preserve goodness of nature

  • The manufacturing plant is operated under the supervision of skilled staff & professionals who are experienced in handling and processing of various natural products
  • Healthwits Juices are produced using naturally available ingredients, specially grown and selected from reliable farms, manufactured and packaged at our plant in Pune
  • All the ingredients are washed thrice to ensure cleanliness and maintain hygiene standards
  • Healthwits Juices are all pasteurised. This ensures elimination of microbes- causing foodborne diseases and also increases the shelf-life of the juice
  • Healthwits Juices are manufactured under one of the most hygienic & sterile environments achieved through filtered air and stainless steel machinery to make sure our product are as safe as possible
  • A complete quality check of the end product is conducted and the results are verified with the Food Safety and Quality Policy

Our manufacturing unit has the following certifications

  • ISO 22000 - 2005

  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)

  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)

  • FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India)

Premium PET packaging to ensure safety and purity of the juices

  • Cap - Specific design for easy opening

  • PET bottles are hard, stiff, strong, sunlight damage free

  • PET is internationally accepted as the safest material for food packaging

  • PET material has the lowest OTR (oxygen transfer rate). This ensures ultimate safety and stability to the product

Premium PET packaging to ensure safety and purity of the juices
  • Measuring CupMeasuring Cup

    Plug protects the liquid from leaking outsidePlug protects the liquid from leaking outside

  • The bottle has a full-length label with all the mandatory details and product benefits

  • Food Grade Certificate for Packaging Material

  • White colour - It is the sign of purity and acts as an additional barrier to sunlight ensuring safety from sunlight

Packaging Material - Octal PET GP 01 which complies with USA FDA regulation, EU regulation, EC directive & CONEG regulations

Our Commitment, Our Certifications

  • ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified
  • ISO 22000 : 2005
  • HACCP Certified
  • GMP
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