We are what we consume

What we eat makes us what we are. There is a deep connect between our diet and our health and wellness. While an all-natural balanced diet is certainly possible, it is becoming increasingly difficult given the pressure of work and time.

Karela – nature's
sugar balancer

Karela Juice is nature's recipe to combat undesirable sugar levels in the body, thanks to bitter chemicals like charantin, vicine, glycosides and karavilosides along with polypeptide-p, a plant insulin which is hypoglycaemic in action and improves the blood sugar levels.

Karela or Bitter Gourd is a true friend of all diabetic patients and using it in our daily diet regimen will help control blood sugar levels. It is known to enhance cells' uptake of glucose to promote insulin release and to potentiate the effect of insulin.

Benefits of Karela

  • Balances sugar

    Natural constituents in Karela are hypoglycaemic in action and help in improving blood sugar. ( 2 )

  • Antioxidant

    Natural constituents found in Karela help in reducing excess free radicals in the body. ( 6 )

  • Anti-obesity factor

    Hypoglycaemic agents in Karela help in increasing fatty acid oxidation which in turn helps in reducing weight. ( 3 )

  • Skincare

    Karela, as a natural blood purifier, helps in curing skin allergies or infections, acne and wrinkles. It also holds wound-healing properties. ( 5 )

  • Blood purifier

    It purifies blood due to its bitter tonic properties and blood-purifying properties and also helps to cure many blood ailments. ( 4 , 5 )

  • Immune booster

    Various studies have found immune-stimulating and immune-modulatory effects, due to isolated constituents of Karela. ( 1 )

  • Improves lipid profile

    Compounds in Karela help to improve lipid profiles. It aids in lowering cellular triglyceride content. ( 3 )



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