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Good Health from within

Healthwits' practices and processes enable Finlinea Healthwits to deliver natural nutrition and goodness of Karela, Aloe Vera and Jamun.

  • Reliable Farms

    Careful selection of our ingredients ensures that only the very best in terms of produce is used for processing

  • Pasteurisation

    Pasteurisation is a process by which foods are heated to a specific temperature for a certain amount of time to eliminate a target number of potentially harmful bacteria.

    Benefits of Pasteurisation:

    1. Eliminates microorganisms
    2. Minimises foodborne diseases
    3. Increases shelf-life
  • Safe Packaging

    Our high quality, food grade packaging in opaque PET bottles ensures that the juices retain their nutrition and goodness.


Finlinea Healthwits Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2011 with a single-minded focus to promote a range of nutritious food supplements with a view to improving health & wellness from within. It is our belief that, when it is the question of good health, the path of nutrition is necessary.

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Aloe Vera - the wonder plant

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Karela – nature's sugar balancer

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Jamun - the all natural cleanser

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Our Commitment, Our Certifications

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