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Effective tips to tone your abs

Effective tips to tone your abs

Effective tips to tone your abs

Who doesn’t want a flat tummy and rock hard abs, right? However, even when you follow a proper diet and exercise regularly, that flat stomach seems farther than ever. So today, we bring you some of the most effective tips and tricks to get that enviable flat stomach that you have been wanting for a long time. Read on!

  • Always perform proper warm up

    It is extremely important to start your ab exercises with a proper warm up. Since your abs are connected to your lower back, performing a proper warm up before workout becomes very vital in order to prevent any injury.
  • Don’t hold your breath

    The core muscles need a rich supply of oxygen in order to function efficiently and at full capacity. This means that you have to make sure that you keep breathing deeply as you work out your core muscles. Make it a point to inhale when you are at the easiest part of your exercise and exhale when you need to apply the most force. So for example, while you are doing crunches, inhale when you are on your way down from the crunch and exhale when you move your body up to your knees for the crunch.
  • Give your body adequate time to rest

    Just like the rest of your body, your abs need rest. Do not perform intense core building exercises two days in a row. Taking a break between performing ab workouts gives your abs more time to repair themselves, relax and rejuvenate between workouts, which makes them stronger in the long run.
  • Focus on your exercise

    Instead of looking into a tv, zoning out, thinking about food, or even thinking about when your workout will end, ensure that you are only focusing and concentrating in the moment on the exercise that you are performing. This initializes the mind body contact, thus recruiting more muscles into the workout, thereby ensuring maximum results.
  • Spread your workout to all directions

    Instead of only working out in one direction, i.e doing crunches, sit ups only in the up-down direction, ensure that you stretch your abs in all planes since your body is not restricted in movement in a single plane. Include exercises that twist, rotate and turn your abs in all planes.
  • Mix it up

    Core training does not involve only crunches and sit-ups. Perform a complete and fun workout instead, by mixing up various other core training exercises such as planks, which are a very effective ab strengthening exercise. The trick is to hold the plank not in a horizontal position, but in a plank walk-up position in order to use more ab strength.
  • Take pilates or yoga lessons

    Various pilates and yoga exercises are as effective and helpful in building up your core. They also offer a welcome change from the regular mundane routine of your strength training or cardio sessions. While adding an element of fun with your regular core building exercises, yoga and pilates also contribute in reducing stress and increasing the flexibility of your muscles.
  • Perform squats regularly

    In order to really strengthen your core, experts suggest that you include more squats in your workout regularly to strengthen not only your lower back and stomach, but your entire pillar, which includes your head, arms and legs.
  • Adjust your diet

    No matter how hard you work in the gym each day, none of it is going to matter if your diet is not proper. In order to obtain those sexy abs, a diet full of low-fat dairy, vegetables, lean protein, fruits and whole grains is a necessity. Hydrating your body with plenty of fluids is also a must as this allows your muscles to get rid of fatigue and repair themselves after a workout. Drink fresh juices like aloe vera juice to jazz up your fluid consumption.
  • Get rid of bloating

    If you have been working hard consistently but have failed to see results in your core, chances are that belly bloating might be interfering with you being able to show off your toned abs. In order to get rid of bloating, pick up some of the following tips:
    • Drink herbal teas such as chamomile, green tea and peppermint
    • Drink apple cider vinegar in order to supplement your digestion
    • Get a good dose of probiotics
    • Restrict your salt intake
    • Add more fruits and green vegetables like spinach and kale to your diet

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