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Tips to beat New Year's blues

Tips to beat
New Year's blues

Yes, New Year blues are real. The last few days of December and the first week of January is not an easy time for everyone. There are bills, pending payments, new adjustments, to look after. To top it all, you have a wonderful chance of reviewing your year which might not have gone as planned. This results in stress eating, drinking, etc. New Year's blues is something that most people go through amidst all the celebrations and resolutions. Some people are stressed for months over this. So, if you are one of them, we have some tips for you to beat this New Year's blues

  • Talk

    Talk to someone who has been with you the whole year. Ask them to just listen. They don't have to give solutions, argue or ask more questions. Share your thoughts and feelings. Get this feeling out of your head and your heart and you will realize that the thing that is bugging you is not a big deal.
  • Credit yourself

    Look through all the hardships that you have faced this year. Give yourself a little credit for fighting through all this and surviving. You are still standing, with experiences from the past and hopes for the future.
  • Make your resolutions fun

    Make your resolutions less daunting and devise challenges that are enjoyable and easy to follow.
  • Distract yourself

    If you are feeling down, just go for a walk. Even a distraction of 10 minutes will make you feel better.
  • Find out what you are running from

    One reason why people feel New Year's blues is that they are not able to move on from the last year. Find out what it is and stop running away from it and face it.
  • Accept yourself

    It is possible that last year you might have set up some goals or resolutions and you might not have stood up to your expectations. It's time to accept yourself where you are and let go of all the mistakes.
  • Find out what drives you

    Find out the things that let you keep moving and work on them.
  • Make an album

    If the day is too windy or cold, just spend the day compiling the photos from the last year. This will help you remember all the fun you had and look forward to all the fun you will have in the upcoming year.
  • Plan a Holiday

    Holiday is a key to creating happiness. Psychologists believe that even planning of a holiday can help you feel good. The anticipation of a holiday releases endorphins, the natural feel-good hormones of the body.
  • The 4-minute rule

    For the first four minutes of any activity, be the best version of yourself. Be it in a meeting or arriving at work, or getting home. This will help you feel good about yourself. Your brilliance will be infectious to people around you.
  • Have some fun

    During the first week of January, all are sticking to their resolution of going to the gym, saving money, cutting off junk food, etc. So, your normal idea of fun might not work out. Plan out for some budget and diet friendly fun with your friends.
  • Talk to a doctor

    If you feel like your misery is increasing with the passing of January, talk to your doctor. Seasonal depression is a real disorder caused by the hormonal shifts in the brain during the change of seasons.
  • 90/10 Principle

    10% of your happiness comes from the things that happen to you while the remaining 90% comes from your reaction to these things. So, think positive.
  • Be kind to yourself

    Acknowledge yourself by reviewing the good things that you have achieved in the past year. Go easy on yourself. Lastly, ask for help.

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