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Things you can do at your desk to reduce stress immediately

Things you can do at your desk to
reduce stress immediately

Things you can do at your desk to reduce stress immediately

We have all experienced sitting at our desk, working on something and suddenly, an insane amount of stress hits us!! Or maybe you are having an amazing day at work, but the ongoing problems at home take a toll on your day. Well, no matter what the reason is these stressbusters will help improve your mood instantly without leaving your desk.

  • Organize your desk

    This method is definitely tried and tested by many. Whenever you are feeling low, just give your desk an impromptu makeover. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or over the top. First, organize your desk, efficiently, to make it look neat and clean. Secondly, you can use pencil holders, binder holders, etc. to organize your desk even better.
  • Turn off your phone

    Phone means group chats, social media, exes, and a plethora of other things. It distracts you, makes you take notice of something unpleasant, and sometimes even the constant notifications have the power to annoy you. So, the best thing you can do is, switch it off for a while.
  • Set up your desk

    Long working hours, especially on those uncomfortable office chairs can be stressful. The best way to prevent this is to make your sitting position comfortable. Keep your feet flat on the floor and keep the height of the chair to let your thighs angle down slightly. This will not only help you place your weight through sitting bones, but will also ease out any lingering stress.
  • A snow globe or some greenery

    We all have different preferences. However, having a snow globe handy can perk up your mood instantly. Why? Because they are so pretty. Even placing succulents or some cute little indoor plants on your desk can help you achieve a calm head whenever necessary.
  • De-clutter

    Yes, de-cluttering can help you de-stress. It is a simple task and can be completed in a jiffy. Just remove all the unwanted and unnecessary items from your desk, and you will feel incredible.
  • A piece of home

    A picture or two of your loved ones or your pets can really make you feel comfortable and happy. Just looking at it will put you in a good mood. Great, isn’t it? Home is a place where we feel safe and content, hence, carrying a piece of home with you in the form of pictures or any other mementoes can really ease your mood.
  • Music Therapy

    Music is a powerful medium. It can make you smile, cry, and so many more. So, if stress or anxiety is eating you up, listen to something that makes you feel nice. Something that motivates you and makes you happy from the inside. It can be anything. From heavy metal to some acoustic guitar, listen to your favourites.
  • Aroma Therapy

    You can simply carry a few essential oils with you that help relax and de-stress, such as the lavender essential oil, orange essential oil, etc. These oils will help you calm yourself and all you need are a few drops. You can just put them on your handkerchief or even keep a small diffuser on your table.
  • Meditation

    Meditation is an excellent way to flush out all the stress. Even 5 minutes of meditation can do wonders and make you feel good. Just breathe deeply for a few minutes and block everything from your mind. Pour all your concentration on inhaling and exhaling. This is an amazing relaxation technique. You can also do it every day to clear your mind.
  • Motivational Quotes

    As the name suggests, a motivational quote will definitely motivate you. But, apart from that, it helps you de-stress and feel good. Just google motivational quotes and you will be able to see a profusion of quotes. You can also choose one as your wallpaper to keep the enthusiasm alive.
  • Colouring Book

    Does it sound childish? Well, it is supposed to. This is a great way to relax and enjoy some good old colouring. Next time you experience some stress, just start colouring and you will notice a sense of calmness in a minute or two.
  • Always wear comfortable clothing

    When you are comfortable, you are automatically relaxed. So, this way, you will prevent yourself from taking up that unnecessary stress. And, comfortable clothes, doesn’t mean boring. Stylish clothes can also be comfortable, just choose wisely the next time you go shopping.
  • Food

    Now, before you stuff yourself with all the unnecessary junk, please don’t. When you are stressed, food can really help conquer it. So, first try eating a fruit or better ,fresh fruit juices like jamun or aloe vera juices. This will fill your stomach at least a little and it can help reduce the stress. If it doesn’t work that way and your stomach still feels empty, eat healthy snacks, such as popcorn, baked veggie chips, etc.

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