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Effective ways to reduce stress at work

Effective ways to reduce
stress at work

  • More hours in the day. It's one thing that every employee wants, but unfortunately, it's impossible.

Yearning those peaceful childhood zzzzzzz's? Let's face it, if you are yearning for more time to complete your tasks, you are probably struggling with stress at work. We often feel overwhelmed by the amount of work that we have and it's just hard to be peppy and productive every single day. We spend one-third of our lives at work. With being connected through social media, cell phones, and instant messages and emails, we seem to be constantly stressed out about work.

Here are a few effective ways to reduce stress at work

  • Get Organized With To-Do's- One of the worst things we can do to ourselves is to let our work take a toll on our body clock. It is very important to keep work scheduled and stick to that schedule. From helping you prioritize your time to creating a work breakdown structure into doable bite size chunks, you can delegate your work the way you want. Ensure you do not pile up things in your workspace as they'll occupy space in your mind as well.
  • Step outside- Sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day can give a person severe health problems such as stiff backs, leg problems, and frozen shoulder. Ensure you aren't locked in your seat for more than 2 hours at a stretch by getting up every now and then and stretching your legs and arms. If required, keep a stress ball handy to get some instant hand exercises without getting up from your desk and keeping your arms from going numb.
  • Don't strive for perfection- Most of our stress at work is self-imposed. We are constantly striving for perfection. We often overwhelm ourselves with stress that isn't even there. Understanding that there is no such thing as perfection but only constant improvement, we reduce our bad habit of creating scenarios that don't even exist in the first place. Keep an eye on the goal and move in that direction. The goal should not be perfection, it should be growth.
  • Keep calm- The ability to understand that some situations are beyond control helps a person liberate from the self-imposed stress. Most of us panic before presentations, meetings, or phone calls. Stress like these leads to procrastination, unnecessary delegation, and not taking positive risks. In such situations, cool down by breathing in and relaxing and breathing out normally
  • Sleep well and enough- Sleep is our body's time to repair itself through natural rejuvenation. Sleeping less or not sleeping well often adds up to the already stressful days. Lack of sleep makes us groggy, irritable, and uncomfortable in general. A healthy sleep should be between 6-9 hours depending on one's age and overall health.
  • Sleeping well involves sleeping in the right temperature, and without any electronic distractions. Studies suggest keeping electronic devices away 2 hours before going to bed helps your body fall into the natural sleep pattern. The lights from phone affect eyesight, brain functioning, and overall quality of sleep. Thus, ensuring we get a sound and healthy sleep is an important part of reducing stress in the workplace as it makes us active- both, physically and mentally.
  • Eat right- A bad diet stresses out your system. Your diet should be rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals and low in sugar. A high sugar and carbs diet is sure to give an instant boost of energy, but such energy lasts shorter and a sudden drop in sugar levels leaves you exhausted. Constant hunger pangs are a result of high sugar diets. Being hungry for prolonged periods can leave the system out of balance and thus, causing irritability due to indigestion, stomach ache, or even headaches in certain cases.

A smart choice here is to eat 3 proper healthy meals a day and include small snacks like fruits, salads, healthy fruit juices & nuts in your daily routine between meals.

Feel Productive- Doesn't it feel awesome and more productive to cross items off your task list? There are many apps in the market which lets you create and assign tasks. Create a task and once the task is completed, it can be marked as done and everyone in the group will be notified. Yay, the satisfaction! It is also useful if anyone from your team or your boss needs to know exactly when a task was marked complete. Double, yay!!

Just by eliminating some redundant or unnecessary steps from your work can reduce stress to a great extent. So, what are you waiting for?


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