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Makeup in your kitchen - Homemade Makeup Recipes

Makeup in your kitchen
Homemade Makeup Recipes

Makeup in your kitchen - Homemade Makeup Recipes

Natural makeup is the latest craze in the fashion world and why not? Homemade cosmetics and makeup products are extremely beneficial for you as they are chemical free, completely natural and very easy on your pocket too. Using natural ingredients will give you a healthy and glowing skin. It helps enhance natural beauty and cares for the skin at the same time. In fact, when you go all natural, it will help you get rid of all your skin concerns giving you a flawless look. Making your own makeup is really fun.With some trial and error, you will get your perfect makeup in no time, after all, you know your skin better than anyone and you know what suits you the best. Before using any of these homemade makeup recipes, check your skin sensitivity to every ingredient.

  • Base moisturizer

    This moisturizer can also be used regularly to get an incredible skin.
    • ½ cup pure almond oil
    • ¼ cup pure coconut oil
    • ¼ cup beeswax
    • 2 Vitamin E capsules
    • 2 tablespoons Shea butter
    • 3-4 drops lavender essential oil (optional)
    • Two bowls
    • Jar to store

    Step 1 : Mix almond oil, coconut oil, oil of the vitamin E capsule, Shea butter and beeswax in a bowl.

    Step 2 : Heat up all the ingredients on the stove using a double boiler. Allow all the ingredients to melt and keep stirring to mix it.

    Step 3 : Once melted, add the essential oil.

    Step 4 : Store it in a clean jar.

    Shelf life is up to 6 months.
  • Lipstick

    Regular lipsticks are not very good for your lips. It dries the moisture out your lips and can also darken them. Lead is used sometimes in red lipsticks. Natural lipsticks are completely safe and using them regularly will only improve the texture and color of your lips, giving them better protection.
    • 1 teaspoon beeswax
    • 1 teaspoon shea butter
    • Half teaspoon coconut oil
    • Oil of 1 vitamin E capsule
    • For red color – 2 teaspoons beetroot powder or natural food coloring.
    • For brown color – Organic cocoa powder, a little pinch of cinnamon and turmeric. You can customize it according to your liking.
    • For matte lip color – ½ teaspoon bentonite clay
    • 1-2 drops peppermint essential oil
    • Container to store
    • Bowls
    • Spoon

    Step 1 : In a bowl, add shea butter, coconut oil, vitamin E.

    Step 2 : Heat up all the ingredients on the stove using a double boiler.

    Step 3 : Add the coloring of your choice and the essential oil. Mix it well.

    Step 4 : Remove from heat, store it in a jar and let it cool down completely before you use.

  • Blush

    This homemade blush is perfect to add some colors to your cheeks without harming them.
    • Arrowroot powder
    • Hibiscus powder
    • Cinnamon powder
    • A bowl
    • Spoon
    • Jar to store
    Note: Mix the powder according to the color you want.

    Step 1 : Take one teaspoon of arrowroot powder in a bowl.

    Step 2 : Mix hibiscus powder for color.

    Step 3 : Adding cinnamon powder is optional.

    Step 4 : Once you achieve your desired color, store it in a jar.

  • Eyeliner or Kajal

    Chemical loaded eyeliners can have serious side-effects such as conjunctival discoloration, dry eye, glaucoma, uveitis, and conjunctivitis. Instead, go for natural eyeliners. Make your eyeliner at home with this easy recipe.
    • 10 camphor tablets
    • Two bowls
    • Two copper plates
    • 2-3 drops castor oil
    • A spoon
    • A jar to store

    Step 1 : Take a copper plate and place the camphor tablets in the middle of the plate.

    Step 2 : Place two small bowls on either side of the plate.

    Step 3 : Light the camphor and cover it with the other copper plate. Let the camphor burn completely.

    Step 4 : The residue gets collected on the inverted plate. Add 2- 3 drops castor oil and mix it.

    Step 5 : Scrap it out and collect it in a small jar to use whenever you want.

    This can be used as an eyeliner or Kajal.

The purpose of this blog is to promote broad consumer understanding and knowledge of various health and wellness topics. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment and before undertaking a new health care regimen, and never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website.


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