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Lifestyle changes to get a glowing beautiful skin

Lifestyle changes to get a
glowing beautiful skin

Healthy, beautiful and glowing skin may seem like an impossibility in the today's hectic life. But some basic changes in our lifestyle can lead to your dream skin without much effort. It cannot be achieved in a day or two – make no mistake. However, little changes, over a period of time reap unbelievable benefits, that one would not have imagined.

  • Detoxify

    Skin is your body's largest organ and reflects its overall health. The toxins inside your body can make your skin look dull outside and less beautiful than it is. If you consume food with toxic ingredients, it shows up on your skin naturally. Thus, your skin needs detoxification. To detoxify
    • Consume hot water with lemon every morning or have Healthwits Karela or Healthwits Aloe Vera Juice
    • Avoid processed and fast foods that contain chemical ingredients
    • Exercise
    • Stick to healthy fruit juices whenever possible
    • Eat enzyme-rich foods like raw fruits and vegetables, sprouts, sea vegetables, fermented vegetables.
    • Eat a high plant-based diet
    • Drink a lot of water and avoid excessive caffeine
  • Breathe fresh air

    Your skin needs a non-stop supply of water and oxygen. These elements are to be supplied via blood. A proper and healthy blood supply eliminates waste from the body and provides other nutrients as well. It uses a good amount of nutrients to manufacture and maintain red blood cells. These nutrients include- iron, copper, protein, folic acid, Vitamin C and E. The deficiency of these nutrients (especially iron) brings down the oxygen-carrying potential of the blood, which suffocates the skin, giving it a pale appearance.
  • Hydrate

    Keeping the skin hydrated is another very important factor to keep the skin well-nourished and glowing. Thus,
    • Drink ample amount of pure water throughout the day
    • Eat a good amount of raw foods that have a lot of water content in them, like cucumber, watermelon etc.
    • Stay away from caffeine and alcohol as they dehydrate the body.
    • Consume extra fluids on hot days, when you are ill or stressed, and when you exercise strenuously.
  • Skin Tonics

    A healthy blood flow is a must to have a brighter and glowing skin. A technique called 'Dry Brushing' is really effective in improving blood circulation. This is how you can practice dry brushing

    Every morning before your shower, take a soft bristled brush and with gentle pressure starting brushing from your feet to shoulder brush in slight upward

  • Improve circulation

    Various nutrients play a role in maintaining healthy skin.

    Vitamin C- It helps in building collagen. Poor intake of Vitamin C can cause loss of skin elasticity and strength. It may also lead to poor healing of wounds. Thus, a glass of orange juice or a bowl of strawberries can provide you with sufficient amount of Vitamin C.

    Vitamin B- Vitamin B is found in whole grains, wheat germ, and milk. It prevents flaky, dry or oily skin and also accelerates wound healing.

    Vitamin A- This vitamin maintains epithelial tissues such as skin, further helping to prevent early wrinkling or bumpy and harsh skin. Vitamin A is found in green vegetables, egg yolks, liver and dark orange.

    Vitamin D- Found in milk, vitamin D can repress the symptoms of psoriasis.

    These were just a few. The list of nutrients that benefit the skin is almost endless.

  • Keep away from bad fats

    There are some nutrients that directly impact the skin for e.g. protein, vitamin A, C, K, and zinc help in restoring damaged skin. Linoleic acid better known as Omega-6 fatty acid is found in vegetable oil that helps to repair the damage done by the sun, it also softens the skin. However, on the other hand, a diet high in bad fats can make you prone to skin cancer. Thus, despite the contradictions that prevails, maintain a low-fat diet.
  • Keep skin Moisturized

    Moisturizing is a key to healthy skin, especially in winters. Try using a moisturizer that is organic. You can go for coconut oil based moisturizers or coconut oil itself. It is remarkably nourishing for the skin and will soak into the skin in no time.
  • Food Habits

    Nourishment of skin begins from the inside and it highly depends upon what you consume. Here are a few general diet suggestions that will nourish your skin inside out
    • Include a variety of colorful foods in your diet
    • Stick to plant-based foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, and seeds.
    • Remove common allergens such as wheat, soy, dairy products, and peanuts from your diet.
    • Minimize animal protein. If you consume animal protein, opt for organic, naturally raised, and pastured meats.
    • Eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as walnuts, chia seeds, and green leafy vegetables.
    • Eliminate refined sugars.

"Love the skin you are in."


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