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How to not let sweat ruin your makeup

How to not let sweat
ruin your makeup

Now that summer is here, it's time to get your floats and swimsuits out of your closets! Oh, but does summer mean all good and no bad? Summer has its own perils. Melting makeup, sticky lipstick and smudged eyeliner - all bad news! Worry not, here are some tips for you to follow, and get that great look without having to fret about your makeup running down your face!

  • Begin with a proper base.

    Taking care of your skin is the most important step during the summer season. So, with all the sweat and heat, you might want to keep away oil from your skin as much as possible. You can use a light, oil-free moisturizer which will help your skin breathe and your skin won't feel heavy either.
  • Get a primer.

    Buying a primer is an expensive deal and you might think that it is unnecessary, but it is an essential investment. It helps your makeup stay on for a longer time period and it feels very light on your skin. It also takes care of your pores, acne, wrinkles and fine lines, providing a flawless complexion. Plus, in the summers, it's the way to go! Apply it before applying foundation.
  • Switch to tinted moisturizer or concealer.

    Summer season is an excuse to avoid all heavy makeup and switch to a lighter look. Foundation sometimes feels heavy on your skin, especially during summers when you're sweating so much. To avoid that, you can use a BB or CC cream, or a tinted moisturizer and concealer. It will not provide complete coverage like a foundation, but it will give you a nice, subtle look. Your motto this season should be - "Less is more."
  • Avoid the shimmery look.

    A little shimmer here and there makes your face look healthier, and it gives you a dewy glow too. But during the summers, your face does that for you already, with all the sweat. So avoid heavy foundations and anything too luminous. You can use a little bronzer on the highest areas of your face, but not in big amounts. The goal is to keep the shimmer away. To get rid of the oil, use blotting paper and dab it onto your T-zone. Follow up with some dusting powder and you are good to go!
  • Eye makeup.

    Eyeshadow is the one that suffers the most, of all other makeup. You don't want to end up looking like a goth look. So, instead of using normal eyeshadow, use the pressed ones or silicon-based eye shadow. These are perfect for summers. Also, before applying eyeshadow, instead of using eye cream, use an eye primer. This will create a base for your shadow and make it last longer.
    Before applying mascara, dust some powder on your lashes. This will help mascara cling to the eye and not spread or get smudged.
  • Choose brighter and lighter shades.

    Summer is all about bright and pastel shades. So ditch the dark hues and opt for pinks, nudes, and peaches for your lips and eyes, to be in sync with the hot season. For a bolder look, go with grape or tangerine shades.
  • Avoid sticky lipsticks.

    This season, go for a lip and cheek stain or tint, instead of going for a heavy, matte lipstick. Stains give a lovely color to your lips and unlike lipsticks, are lighter. You can apply lip balm over it, to give your lips a healthy, glowing look without the color spreading.
  • Don't use powder blush.

    Powder blush may end up being cakey on your face, so use cream blusher instead. It is easier to reapply, so you can switch from beach to brunch look with a cream product. A better option would be to go for a cream product that works for your cheeks as well as your lips.
  • Waterproof makeup.

    Swimming season calls for waterproof makeup. With normal makeup, you always have to worry about it spreading all over your face, but with waterproof makeup, you can dive into the pool without second thoughts. Thus, use waterproof liner or mascara instead of normal ones, or you'll end up with raccoon eyes and surely, you do not want to look like that.
  • Prep items in your bag, all day!

    Summers and sunscreen go hand in hand, so carry sunscreen in your bag and reapply it, every three hours. Also carry wet wipes and blotting paper, to keep your face oil-free and fresh. It will also freshen up your makeup. You can also carry a face mist or spritz to instantly spray it on your face. Your lips need protection from the sun too. So carry your lip balm with you, wherever you go.

Follow these tips during the summers and you can enjoy a great day outdoors, without constantly having to worry about your makeup!


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