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Tips for eating out with Kids

Tips for eating
out with Kids

Mornings! Especially ones where we have to get to work, become extremely hard to wake up to unless you're a Ninja. And when it's holiday we barely wake up till past noon. Most mornings are either battling more sleep or simply cursing it. But how do successful people get through these mornings? It's not always due to laziness, most of the time your body clock is mismatched with the day-to-day demands of your life.

Start adopting these powerful habits to make your AM Routine as smooth as possible

  • Lemon water

    The first task upon waking up should be the consumption of lukewarm mixed with the juice of half a lemon. This practice will rehydrate the body and improve the digestive system. It has a high volume of vitamin C content, which helps to boost your immune system. It also helps in reducing weight. A subconscious benefit is that it replaces the morning tea, coffee and artificial juice and saves you from the calories and caffeine.
  • Stretching and yoga

    Wait for a few moments after drinking your lemon water before the next step – that is to indulge in light stretching and yoga. Simply start by stretching your body towards the ceiling while keeping your feet firmly planted on the floor. Stretch on the side as well. This should hardly take 2 to 3 minutes. After that, you can either perform yoga or exercise. Yoga is preferable for the added benefits of meditation and the calming effects it has on your body and mind.
  • Juice/Smoothies

    After the intense yoga session, treat yourself with the goodness of some fresh fruit & vegetable juices. Get pasteurized juices from the market and make sure to read labels on it. Smoothies are also in vogue these days. People prefer mixing and blending a varied mix of fruits and vegetables and experimenting with the taste. While they are a fun alternative and are healthy too, but be warned of the added sugar, some of them may be source of.
  • Get moving

    Getting fresh air is a boon. There are a myriad of activities you can get involved in. You can simply go out for a walk with your headphones and music. You can take your pet for a walk. You can even walk the neighbour's pet. You could run or cycle too or you can also play badminton or any other light sport if you have company.
    The practice might seem like work in the beginning, but it is extremely important for the body to get fresh air which we do not seem to get in our hectic lifestyles. This not only relaxes us, but will also keep us fit as these are some excellent workouts to keep our heart in check.
  • Bath

    Most people rush through bathing, only treating it as a necessity. It is extremely important to thoroughly clean yourself in order to really feel fresh, relaxed and clean throughout the day. A practice that you can add before the bath is dry brushing your entire body. It requires only an old hairbrush with not too hard bristles and all you need to do is remove your clothes and run the brush on your entire body in circular motions. This will hardly take 5 minutes, but it is an immensely healthy activity as it exfoliates dead skin and boosts blood circulation, which results in great health benefits in the long run.
  • Breakfast

    The last habit is the good old breakfast habit. People trying to lose weight are of the belief that skipping breakfast might fasten the process. It is not true at all. And many of us, unfortunately, miss out on the meal in our race to reach the office on time. Surprising as it may be, but a full and healthy breakfast at the start of the day is actually helpful in losing weight because it keeps you full for the majority of the day, ceasing the cheat eats in between meals. It also keeps you energized throughout the day.
    It is recommended that you plan your breakfast throughout the week and keep the ingredients stocked to avoid mishaps of any sort. Get in the habit of making yourself a delicious breakfast every morning and start your day with a bang.

Follow these healthy morning rituals to set yourself up for a perfect day!!


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