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Are you aware of these hidden benefits of Pasteurization Process?

Are you aware of these hidden benefits
of Pasteurization Process?

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We all have probably read about the pasteurization process sometime or other in our school days. But do we really understand the importance it plays in safeguarding the food we eat! This process is most synonymous for making food such as milk, healthy drinking juices, cream, vinegar, wine, almonds, etc. drinkable, edible and safe.

We all know that even the tiniest of elements in the world has microorganisms. Everything from your phone screen to the food you are eating has microorganisms, but not all are harmful. These microorganisms help us make vinegar, cheese, curd etc. However, some microorganisms are largely responsible for causing deadly diseases like E coli and Staphylococcus aureus. This is where the pasteurization process comes into picture.

Just to refresh what we had learnt, pasteurization is a simple process of heat processing a liquid or a food to kill pathogenic bacteria to make the food safe to eat. This well tested process turns food into pasteurized food that you buy at the grocery store.

Benefits of Pasteurization process:

  • When we drink a glass of juice, we want to make sure that it is free from harmful germs. Pasteurization process helps make packaged fruit juice safer to drink and also increases storage life.
  • Another benefit of pasteurization process is that it increases the shelf life of the food. As the process kills or greatly reduces the bacteria count in your food, the food can stay longer than its unprocessed counterpart under specific conditions.
  • The main advantage of the pasteurization process, the one for which it was invented is that it kills pathogens. It destroys some very harmful pathogens, especially TB bacteria which can be very dangerous. This makes the food safe for human consumption without causing any complications.
  • Pasteurization is also very important to conserve the quality of food. This process is known to inactivate some enzymes such as phosphatase and lipase. If the enzymes are active, they can affect the quality of food and turn it bad. So pasteurization will help preserve the food for longer.
  • Pasteurization process also saves time. Once a food product is pasteurized, it is safe for consumption. There is no need to process it again for microorganisms. Some commercially available milk are fit for consumption right from the carton, thus saving you time, thanks to pasteurization.
  • The key advantage of pasteurization process is that it has very little to no effect on the nutritional value of the milk. Some claim that raw milk has increased nutritional value and better taste, but there are no proofs to back this claim. So, while consuming pasteurized milk, you can be sure to consuming the most nutritive form of milk.
  • Sometimes, pasteurized food is more cost effective than the unprocessed food. UHT method of pasteurizing makes the food cost effective by increasing its shelf life which is best for places where people don't have a refrigerator.

With so many benefits, pasteurization process is indeed one of the most important food-preservation technologies ever developed.


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