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Tips to stay fit without exercising

Tips to stay fit
without exercising

We all know where stress and unhealthy lifestyle habits have got us! We all want to change it, and come on, who doesn't want to stay fit? No one likes the lethargic feeling after a meal or catching your breath after every floor you climb. Staying fit means having constant energy all day long. If you have ever looked up the internet to find out ways to stay fit, the one thing that must have been common in all those articles is the need to exercise. People cannot emphasize enough the need to exercise to stay fit. But what we miss to understand is the need for physical activity rather than pressing on making exercise a priority and fitting in your gym time at any cost.

When the running, jogging or other sorts of physical activity is done with the sole purpose of losing weight or getting in shape, it becomes more of a duty and people tend to get bored of doing it. If the same activities are done for a person's passion or love for the activity, it is easier to incorporate into the hectic schedule. We don't realize how small changes in our routines can actually help us stay fitter and feel better. Read on to know how you can completely eliminate the need to exercise and still stay fit, without knowing it.

  • Sports. Yes, sports are the best way to get your heart pumping, and no you are not exercising. Signing up for a sports training, or just playing with a young sports enthusiast in the family is great to elevate your energy. Shooting baskets and kicking football will not only speed your metabolism, but also make you feel good. Who knows you might just become better at these sports?
  • Clean the house. Housework is a great calorie burner. If you are obsessed with cleanliness, you are probably already fit, but if not, let's re-think. All the dusting, sweeping and mopping not only burns calories but also strengthens your muscles. The amount of energy used in simple cleaning is equivalent to burning around 80 calories in 20 minutes. Oh, you will love a clean house.
  • Stretch. Stretching is the best way to relax your muscles. Even when you are just relaxing and watching TV, you are probably having a bad posture. Stretching every once in a while will straighten your back and work your muscles, giving you a jolt of energy. This applies to work as well as at leisure.
  • So it's Friday night and you are planning to eat out with friends. Do yourself a favour and instead of going to a sit-and-dine place, got someplace dancing. Even if you are not a dancer, dancing is a great way to have fun while bonding with your friends and burning calories. 20 minutes of dancing will burn somewhere between 60 to 160 calories. So, get up and dance.
  • You can take up other chores like washing your car, gardening, mowing the lawn or reorganizing your closet. All these activities will not only burn some calories, but will also help you enjoy your own company. Having a friend to accompany is like a cherry on top.
  • Another important point is to get into healthy eating. Include healthy fruit juices in your breakfast. If you cannot make one at home, order healthy drinks online.
  • Planning a vacation? Great! Plan a one with fitness-oriented activities. Snorkelling, water-skiing, aqua dancing, rock-climbing and many such activities will not only make your holiday memorable but will also make you burn some calories.

With so many responsibilities and expectations to fulfil, we often forget to give time to ourselves. We need to keep in mind that if your inner-self is happy, everyone around you will be just perfect. Follow these tips and say hello to a healthy you!!


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