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8 tips to have a healthier Christmas and New Years

8 tips to have a healthier
Christmas and New Years

Ah! Pictures clicked during the Party Seasons are the best, aren't they? Everyone looks pretty and the lighting is perfect. Be it experimenting with your hair for a Christmas party or bold makeup for the New Year, the endless alcohol spree of 'I finally graduated college' parties or just that month of overeating where every alternate day seems to be someone's birthday/engagement/wedding anniversary – this season can take a huge toll on your body.

With Christmas and New Year approaching, the party season is certainly upon us! So, to make sure that you survive the Party Season without any health regrets whatsoever

follow these effective tips

  • Choose homemade alternatives

    Although the easiest way out from all the holiday work and baking is to find cakes and cookies off the shelves, it is an unhealthy option. Save yourself some resources and health by baking cookies and cakes at home for the kids, they wouldn't even know the difference. Also, homemade goodies can be made exactly to the flavour, icing, and quantity- win-win! Control calories by using dry fruits and cooking in healthier oils. Save on the sugary foods by using natural sweeteners like dates.
  • Don't over-indulge

    Party seasons come with a plethora of options in food and drink – and it's very easy to indulge in them. You know it's not good for you, but glitters, music and other glees can make you cave in to such options. Sugar or food with high glycemic acid can produce inflammation in the body. Sure, you can enjoy a slice or two of pizza, but don't overindulge and make sure you know when to stop. Also, try to keep a check on your alcohol consumption – your health will definitely thank you for that. Not to mention, you'll be spared from the hangover and will feel better the next morning. Eat lots of vegetables, they will provide a variety of antioxidants that reduce free-radical damage and inflammation.
  • Stay active

    This is a no-brainer. Keeping active during the holiday season can help keep the dessert calories at bay and keep your metabolism fired up even during the cold winter months. Keep a healthy workout routine, even if it is only 20 minutes a day
  • Do not drink and drive

    This one is simple. Do not drink and drive, and neither let others drink and drive. Holidays are all about fun and frolic. A few drinks here and there is no problem, but ensure that you, in no circumstances, drink and drive. It is unsafe and can cause serious damage. Take a cab or ask a friend to drop you even if it was "just one drink". Staying safe is better than being sorry.
  • Keep children under watch

    Christmas means lights, fireplaces, and sometimes even firecrackers. Keep a close watch on children and ensure you practice fire safety. Keep sharp objects, even decoration ornaments out of the reach of children, especially infants. Teach kids about fire and electrical safety. No better time than the holidays!
  • Hydrate

    Many people tend to complain of more acne and blemishes when they are dehydrated. It is really important to drink 7-8 glasses every day. When your skin is hydrated, it's less likely to cause blemishes. Not only will this give your complexion a healthy glow, it will boost your energy too. It will also help regulate your hunger hormones, making sure that you're not binge-eating the entire day.
  • Take care of your skin

    Before hitting the bed every night, don't forget to cleanse off all the makeup to get rid of dead skin cells else, it will clog your pores, not allowing your skin to breathe which will ultimately lead to breakouts. If you think you're going to feel too tired (or lazy) at night, keep some makeup wipes right at your bedside so that you don't have any excuses. Also, follow the CTM - cleanse, tone, moisturize – regimen twice a day and exfoliate a couple of times a week.
  • Try a Hot Foot Bath

    Unfortunately, there is so much stress and worry accompanying the Party Season (more than anyone would care to admit) because there is just so much to be done. Pamper yourself with a hot foot bath. After all the mental and physical torture, a hot foot bath is one of the most cost-effective ways to treat yourself. All you have to do is immerse both feet and ankles in hot water for 10–30 minutes. Besides helping with the fatigue, this will promote blood circulation through your feet and the entire skin surface.

Happy Holidays!


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