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Things to consider while making juices at home

Things to consider while
making juices at home

  • Being healthy has never been so easy

Incorporating healthy juices in a daily routine is one of the healthiest lifestyle choices one can make. It helps enable highly concentrated enzymes, minerals and vitamins into your blood whilst providing a much-needed rest to your digestive organs. It can also boost your immune system, remove toxins from the body, and help you lose weight. But juicing at home needs to be done right for it to ensure all-around benefits. Remember these little tips and tricks whenever juicing at home.

  • Clean and fresh ingredients

    Whatever fruits and vegetables you use, should be clean and fresh. Take extra effort to search where fresh fruits are sold in your area or you can purchase them online too.
  • Clean equipment

    Each and every equipment used for juicing should be clean – be it the juicer, the container, the tray, or the filters. It is equally important to clean them after the process. Clean them under running water using your hands to clean out the tricky corners.
  • Be mindful

    Most of us associate juices with a lot of fruit juices. Rarely do we look out for green, leafy vegetable for the purpose of juicing. Because we assume them to not be as delicious as the fruit ones. True, it may be, but if you are using more than four fruits, then it will do more harm than good. Consider using vegetables as primary ingredients for juicing followed by adding a fruit to sweeten the juice. Drink your juice right away as after 15 minutes, light and air will destroy a lot of the nutrients and also all the antioxidants will begin to lose their potency.
  • Do not store

    Too many people succumb to the habit of storing a jar full of juice to spare themselves the labour of doing it every day. This is wrong as the juice loses its nutrient power after just a few minutes. So, spare 15 minutes every day for juicing and drink it right away in a relaxed environment. Use ingredients only as much needed for that particular day.
  • Before a meal, not after the meal

    Juicing should only serve as a supplement to achieve better health. It, in any case, cannot be used as a substitute for a full meal. Many people, especially the ones trying to lose weight, get the misconception that they can drink juices all day and lose weight. This practice harms the body as a result of not receiving the required nutrients that a full meal provides.
    The best time to drink juices is in the morning, but you can also do so at any time of the day, preferably before a meal (half an hour or so).
  • Don't forget pulp

    Most of the juicing machines extract the pulp, but do you know it contains much of the fibre? Do add some of the pulp to make the most of it.

If you cannot make juices at home, then you can buy healthy juices from the market too. Make sure they are pasteurized. Pasteurization helps ensure elimination of microbes-causing foodborne diseases and increase the shelf-life of the juice.


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