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Benefits of healthy juices you never knew

Did you know these surprising
benefits of Jamun Seeds?

Known by different names like black plum or jambul, jamun is an essential summer fruit. It has a unique astringent taste and is a good source of vitamin C, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. From reducing acne to treating indigestion, jamun has a lot to offer. Not only is jamun loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, the seeds of jamun also offer many health and medicinal benefits. Jamun seeds contain jamboline that helps convert starch into sugar thereby helping in controlling diabetes. These seeds also contain a high amount of flavonoids and phenolic compounds that help in eliminating harmful excess free radicals. According to a study by the College of Pharmacy at the University of Rhode Island, the extract of jamun is effective in fighting cancer-causing cells. The other important constituents of the fruit are tannins, gallic acid, albumen, and resin.

Some of the benefits of jamun seeds are

  • Jamun seeds possess Antioxidant and Cardio-protective effects.
  • It treats ulcers and sores of the intestine.
  • Cleanses the digestive system thereby treating common stomach problems.
  • Improves the overall functioning of the immune system.
  • Due to the presence of ellagic acid it helps lower blood pressure.
  • Contains aromatic herbs, which is an excellent treatment for strain and fatigue.
  • Helps cure kidney stone problems.
  • Applying a paste of the seeds powder along with lemon juice helps in treating pimples.
  • Due to the presence of hypoglycemic properties in jamun, high blood sugar can be reduced.

With so many benefits, it is a must-have fruit. However, you cannot have it all year around as it is a seasonal fruit. But you can get Jamun juice online in the packaged form.


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