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Jamun is called the fruit of the Gods?

Did you know Jamun is called the
fruit of the Gods?

Considered as sacred to Lord Ganesha and Lord Krishna, Jamun has it's roots in the Indian Sub-continent. It is also found in other Asian countries, including the Philippines, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal. Jamun is a seasonal fruit and flowers in February and March. Some of it's other alternative names include Jaam and Jambul.

The Jamun tree is considered sacred in Buddhism as it was under this tree that Lord Buddha started meditating. It entails surplus peace and energy and gives magnificent shade even in the arid season. It is believed that Lord Rama survived on this fruit during his 14 years of exile. In the Visnupurana, it is mentioned that a beautiful river was formed when Jamun got rotten and fell onto the mountainous ground. The God of the Clouds, Lord Megha is said to have disembarked in the form of a Jamun fruit, which is why the colour of this fruit is dark and fierce. Lord Shiva is also very fond of Jamuns and known as Jambukeswara or Jambunath. Jamun Leaves are also used for marriage pandals in Maharashtra.

Jamun is rich in vitamin C, vitamin A and iron. It is loaded with nutrients and powerful antioxidants that prevent many health complications. Some of it's benefits are-

  • When applied, it is an excellent treatment for ulcerative colitis.
  • Drinking Jamun juice can help with teeth and gum problems.
  • It contains flavonoids and antioxidants that help purify your blood.
  • It also helps convert starch into energy, keeping your blood sugar level in check.
  • It also helps control exhaustion and depression.
  • Jamun can also be used for digestive issues like dysentery, abdominal pain and flatulence.

Apart from giving so many benefits, it is the only fruit that you can completely associate with Indian history and culture.


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