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Valentine Day Special - Beauty Products You Can Share With Your Boyfriend

Valentine Day Special - Beauty Products
You Can Share With Your Boyfriend

  • "Love is sharing"

True, isn't it? A relationship is the rainbow between two hearts, sharing colors of feelings, love, sadness, happiness, faith, truth, respect, secrets and BEAUTY PRODUCTS! Yes, you read that right. Couples love sharing their things, be it food, clothes and more, but when it comes to beauty products, the "gender" thing comes in between. Most beauty products are designed according to the requirements of male and female skin types. Thus, every time you plan to wash your face with his face-wash, you may feel a little paranoid and vice versa. While it is true that products for men and women may have different compositions, there are certain products that do double duty and you can share them with your man without a second thought! Read ahead to find out.

  • Facial scrub

    Both men and women require regular exfoliation as it provides the skin with a healthy looking glow. So, do not hesitate in sharing your awesome face scrubs with your gentleman. You will see that he will soon become a fan of your scrub and maybe buy one for himself. Well, who doesn't like a smooth and radiant skin?
  • Hand creams

    Do you find your man's hands really dry and hard to touch? Advise him to use some of your favorite hand cream or oil. Men don't usually make use of hand creams, thus you need to jump in to their rescue, Cuz! Hello! Nobody wants to hold hard and dry hands!
  • Hairstyling products

    Hair styling products for men are less numerous than those made for women. Thus, share your shine spray, hair gel, hair lightening sprays and volume maximizer with your man, so that he can also have great hair as you!
  • Lip balm

    Lip balms made for men are less hydrating and nourishing than those made for women. Thus, if your guy has really chapped lips, you may hand him over your lip balm to use. However, we don't recommend you to use the same lip balm with your man on a regular basis. Also, make sure that the lip balm you give him isn't flavored or tinted. Share a lip balm that is neutral and has a mild fragrance.
  • Sunblock cream

    Guys don't usually pay heed to the need of wearing sunblocks. So it's your responsibility to keep him safe from the damaging UV rays of the sun! And guess what? You can easily share your sunblock protective cream with your man! Propose him to try your best sunscreen. Make sure that the sunblock has a natural, matte finish to it.
  • Hair care products- Shampoos and conditioners

    These two products are important and usual inhabitants of the bathrooms of both men and women. Nevertheless, shampoos and conditioners designed for men usually, are really basic and mainly focus on resolving simple issues, such as hair frizz and dandruff. Hair care products made for women, on the other hand, are, usually, well researched and sophisticated and can have a lot more benefits such as - to add volume, make hair shinier, and even, some have lightening or darkening effects. So, don’t hesitate and share these two products with your guy to provide him with the same benefits.
  • Face wash

    Ladies, it’s completely okay to share your face wash with your man, because face washes made for ladies are, usually, a lot more gentle and kind to the skin, than those made for men.
  • Eye cream

    Neither men nor women can keep away from problems of wrinkles and fine lines around the eye area, thus making it vital for both to pick up an eye cream to deal with the issues. An eye cream is another product that you can definitely share with your significant other and can guide him how to apply it. Trust us girls, he will love it!
  • Scents

    Men’s perfumes are considered to be heavier and muskier. These fragrances work great for women who like their scents on the more intense side. And since, every perfume works differently (depending on your body’s chemistry), chances are it will smell different on both of you.
  • Face and body moisturizer

    Moisturizing is a must for all as it keeps the skin hydrated and nourished and sharing it with your partner can be a great option. Opt for an oil-free variant since men generally, tend to have oilier skin. If you need extra moisture, use a sleeping mask over this.

Happy sharing!!


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