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Hair Care in The Summer Season

Hair Care in The Summer Season

Hair Care in The Summer Season

Sunblock? Done. Shades? Done. Wipes? Done. Hey, wait! What about hair? We take immense care of our skin during the summer season, but often overlook our precious hair, which is indeed unfair. Summer can be intolerable and can bring many hair challenges. The oil glands of the scalp get stimulated in this season, which can make your hair frizzy and make them look lackluster, dull and unmanageable. It is just impossible to avoid the damaging rays of the sun during summer. So, what are the perfect hair products for you? Are there any chemical-free options that could protect your hair better than before? Find out:

  • Shampoo Regularly, but Don’t Overdo it :

    The powerful rays of the sun can make your hair brittle and dry. So, it is recommended to use a mild, natural shampoo and a light conditioner post that. If you’re going to wash your hair too often, you will strip away the natural oils from your head. This will stimulate more oil production and make you want to wash your hair more often. This is a vicious cycle, really! So try your best to maintain the best kind of equilibrium that you can!
  • Cut Down on the Application of Heat :

    A lot of men and women enjoy blow-drying and straightening their locks. Leave these techniques for the other seasons in the year! There is enough heat from the sun to do enough damage to your hair, you DO NOT need another blow-drying session for sure.
  • Hydrate, Hydrate, and Hydrate :

    This fact couldn’t be true in the summer months. Drink a lot of water! Water helps hydrate the body and will help regulate the circulatory system, which in turn, feeds the hair follicle and will result in lustrous hair growth and hair protection. If your hair roots lack sufficient amounts of water, your hair will end up becoming more brittle and it will lead to severe breakage and hair fall. If you are bored of water, drink fresh juices like aloe vera or karela juice.
  • Avoid Unnecessary Cosmetics :

    Who doesn’t love experimenting with their hair? As mentioned previously, the hot summer sun already takes away moisture and necessary oils away from your hair, causing temporary damage to your hair follicles. So, stay away from hair spas and salons, and definitely postpone getting your hair colored. Or you could get it colored a good 2 months before summer strikes. Your hair wouldn’t be able to thank you enough for this kind gesture!
  • Conditioner is Your New Best Friend :

    Your conditioner can counter the harmful, drying out measures adopted by the sun for your hair. Make sure to condition your hair whenever you wash it so that you can ensure moisture retention. A conditioner that suits your hair type and texture can benefit you immensely. If you decide to go for a swim, you can apply a leave-in conditioner on your hair and cover that up with a swimming cap. It seems really stupid to apply something to your hair before you go for a swim, but believe us, it can only benefit you.
  • Visit Your Salon, but Only for a Trim :

    Visit your salon regularly to nip away the split ends and dry tips in your hair. These are neither healthy for your hair nor do they appeal to the eye of the beholder. You might not want to crop it too much, but just getting a trim can’t harm anybody.
  • Indulge in Oil Massages :

    Want to feel relaxed and treat your hair well at the same time? Invest in oil massages, either at home or at a salon, where someone will do it for you. It is a good idea to get oil massages because it helps in removing dirt and dust (from the scalp) as well as improves blood circulation of the scalp and strengthens the roots of the hair at the same time! This is the technique to adapt before rinsing your hair in order to get a smooth, silky look.
  • How Can You Control the Enemy – FRIZZ? :

    Heat during the months of summer can really dry your hair a lot and can make it extremely frizzy. How can you control this frizz? You could opt for braids, ponytails, top knots, etc. as this helps keep your hair protected from too much dust and dirt and also helps prevent excessive sweating because the surface area of hair that touches your skin reduces considerably.
  • Home Remedies :

    Some effective natural, home-made remedies for you to combat dry and frizzy hair.
    • Organic Apple Cider Vinegar : Apple Cider Vinegar when mixed with the right amount of hot water can help remove dirt from your hair. Vinegar is also used to treat dandruff and help the hair appear shinier and cleaner than it is.
    • Cucumber : Cucumber will help you cure many hair problems during the month of summer. Cucumbers can be made into a pulp or grated to a juice and used as a shampoo which will give you a cooling sensation on your scalp and make your hair shinier and smoother.
    • Egg-Whites : Egg whites help prevent hair fall and also enables growth. Use egg whites and mix them to form a pulp and then apply to your hair, keep it for a few minutes and then wash it off. There is no better home remedy than egg whites!

There are so many measures that can help you take better care of your hair. And most of these measures require no extra effort or money, just meticulousness! Best of luck with your hair this summer!


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