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"True answers come from within"

Finlinea Healthwits Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2011 with a single-minded focus to promote a range of nutritious food supplements with a view to improving health & wellness from within. It is our belief that, when it is the question of good health, the path of nutrition is necessary.

Completing natural goodness with scientific processes

Finlinea Healthwits Pvt. Ltd. works with a team of experienced nutritionists, food technologists and food experts to create and formulate effective dietary food supplements, which will positively impact consumer's health.

Health and nutrition-focused product range

After extensive research, trials and validation, we have now launched the Healthwits range of juices. We offer juices of Jamun, Aloe Vera and Karela. We are in the process of soon launching products that address the issues of stress, skin care, immunity, etc.


To enable fruition of our goal of providing a range of nutritious food supplements with a view to improving health and wellness from within.


Finlinea Healthwits will develop and deliver meaningful, nutritious food supplements which are well researched and which work from within to ensure good health and wellness.

Our Commitment, Our Certifications

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